Jan Pro Franchise

Jan Pro franchise provides commercial cleaning services to businesses like gyms, car dealerships, banks, churches, schools, and offices. Its “Cleaning Greener” initiative emphasizes the use of cleaning supplies that use fewer chemicals to wash more.

Jacques Lapointe founded Jan-Pro in Providence, Rhode Island in 1991. Jan-Pro began franchising later that year, offering master and single-unit franchises, and has since expanded to more than 10,000 franchises across Canada and the United States, and Canada.

Jan Pro Franchise Training Overview 

Jan Pro Franchise Training Overview Certification Program is available to up to four participants at no cost however, a reasonable cost could be charged for any additional participants who participate in this Certification Program. This Certification Program includes classes, video, and on-site consultation with an expert. Franchisees are required to attend or have the management personnel (satisfactory for their franchisor) to attend and complete, the Certification Program.

This includes any other sessions, seminars, or programs, as well as consultations and advanced instructional courses that the franchisor believes are required. The franchisor can provide additional personal consultations if the franchisor is able to reasonably allow the franchisee to provide such assistance.

Territorium granted: 

Franchisees will not receive an exclusive territory. Franchisees might be challenged by other franchisees, from stores owned by the franchisor, or other distribution channels or brands that the franchisor manages. The master franchisee/developer in the region will provide unit Jan Pro Franchise with the “Initial Plan,” which includes offering franchisees with accounts for customers in the territory they oversee.

Conditions and Obligations: 

The jan pro franchisee demands that franchisees include a minimum of one individual who is actively involved in the administration of the Jan Pro Franchise. This person might own an entity franchise, or an employee the franchisee has chosen (or who was selected from the owner of the entity that is a franchisee). Managers and other employees are required to sign the confidentiality and non-competition agreements. Franchisees are required to offer for sale all products and services that they are certified and have the necessary equipment.

Jan Pro Franchise cannot deviate from the specifications of the franchisor for approved products or services without the written permission of the franchisor, and they must cease providing any service or product which it denies in written form.

The term of the agreement and renewal The length of the initial franchise period will be 10 years. Franchisees can renew their franchises for two more 10-year terms if they fulfill the terms of the Franchise Agreement.

Jan-Pro Franchise Cost

A Jan-pro franchisor cost can finance part of the franchise fee for franchisees who are qualified. The franchisor can also finance a part of the marketing and sales fee if the franchisee agrees to other accounts through it.

The franchisor does not provide any other financial assistance. Additionally, to offer assistance to veterans as well as those currently in active duty, Jan-Pro provides any veterans who qualify for financing up to 50 percent of the franchise fee on all franchise plans FP 20 and over.

Jan-pro Franchise Investment Tables:

Name of FeeLowHigh
Initial Franchise Fee$2,520$60,000
Travel and Living Expenses While Attending Certification Program$50$300
Office and Related Expenses$150$550
Jan Pro Franchise Initial Equipment Package$750$1,250
Real Estate$0$550
Floor Buffing Machine$25$1,300
Carpet Cleaning Machine$25$4,400
Legal & Organizational Costs$50$2,000
Additional Funds for 3 Months$150$550
ESTIMATED TOTAL$3,920$72,020

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Type of FeeAmount
Jan Pro Franchise Royalty Fee10% of the gross bill for the month prior.
Support Fee5.5% of gross billings in the preceding month.
Administrative Fee10% of the gross bill for services that are special in the month prior.
Advertising FeeThe fee at the time of payment (not exceeding 1percent of the gross bill for the month prior).
Technology FeeThe fee that is in effect (up to $60).
Negotiation FeeFirst month’s net bills under a contract that was negotiated.
Complaint Fee or Standards Violation Fee and Service FeeThe fee is $50 or a standards violation fee per case; and reimbursement for the expense of the other party’s services; and 20 percent of the cost as a fee for service for the franchisor’s administration services.
National Accounts Support FeeThe franchisor can be charged 1% of gross payments from national accounts in the month prior.
Jan Pro Franchise Substitution FeeThe client’s payment for the substituted services.
Renewal Fee$2,000
Transfer FeeThe less of $2,000 or 8 percent of the franchisee’s net billings for the 12 calendar months prior to the transfer.
AdvancesThe amount of the advance that is not collected.
Advance Assurance Fee2percent of the total billings in the preceding month.
Key Return Fee$500 per day the Jan Pro Franchise doesn’t return keys to customers.
Additional Persons Certification FeeThe fee at the time of writing (currently $250 per additional participant) to attend the program for certification.
InterestThe lower of (i) 18 percent per annum ou (ii) the highest rate of interest that is permitted by the law.
Business Protection ProgramThe amount of the premium amount, the fees due to the franchisor in order to manage the program, and any other related costs and expenses.
Insurance ReviewThe fee at the time of writing (currently $33 per year).
Default Collection ExpensesThe costs of the Jan Pro Franchise.
IndemnificationThe franchisor is responsible for all amounts it has to pay on behalf of the franchisee behalf.
Reimbursement for Performing Franchisee’s ObligationsThe amount that the franchisor has to pay plus interest at the contract’s interest rate from the 10th day following the date on which the Jan Pro franchisor asks for reimbursement.
Jan Pro Franchise Lost Manual Fee$200 for every replaced operation manual.
Testing FeeThe cost for the inspection, and costs associated with testing, as well as the current per diem cost for the personnel of the franchisor.
Collection CostsThe franchisee’s costs out of pocket (including attorney’s fees, attorney’s charges as well as court expenses).
Jan Pro Franchise InsuranceThe cost of insurance, as well as interest at the contract’s rate, and a fair cost for the franchisor’s costs.
Liquidated DamagesThe total amount of all support and royalty charges for lost customers over the period of 12 months.

The above information was gathered by analyzing the FDD of Jan Pro Franchise (of Milwaukee). Year of FDD: 2021.